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About us

Carmelo Firenze, Firenze Financial Services Inc., Finanacial Advisor

Carmelo Firenze


Financial Strategist

With over 14 years of experience in the financial services industry...Firenze Financial Services Inc. was established to support the financial needs of all people while empowering them to give back to the communities where they live or abroad. Our philosophy has always been to promote financial literacy by invigorating, unifying, and passionately support the people of our communities by helping them to realize the possibilities and understand how easy their journey to financial success can be.


T.J. Firenze, DTC Expert, Firenze Financial Services Inc.

T.J. Firenze


Disability Tax Credit Expert

It has become my passion to assist individuals and parents with my expertise in applying for the Disability Tax Credit.  The Disability Tax Credit is a federal program available for Canadians living with a disability or medical condition that effects their daily life. 


It is a powerful way that we give back to our community every day.


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