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It has become my passion to assist individuals and parents with my expertise in applying for the Disability Tax Credit.  The Disability Tax Credit is a federal program available for Canadians living with a disability or medical condition that effects their daily life. 


Do you or someone you know have a disability that affects their daily life? 

As a Canadian living with a disability, you may be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit through the Federal Government.  We help those individuals and their families through the sometimes complicated application process. 


It is our passion, as well as our give back to the community.

There are no fees associated with this service.

Disability Tax Credit

Learning Disability, Dyslexia

Dyslexia, ADHD

We are experts with getting an approval for the DTC.

Medical Conditions

How does your medical condition effect your life?


Do you have a full disability in hearing or is it one of a couple issues?


Do you have a full disability in vision or is it one of a couple issues?

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Mental Functions

Those suffering with dementia, alzheimer's, mental health concerns, concussions, etc. can qualify.  


Suffer from Crohn's, IBS, or Colitis?  You may qualify.

Autism, ASD

You should apply, as having autism effects your life.


Do you have a physical disability or medical condition that effects your mobility?  You may qualify.

We are here to help!

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